EI is Revolutionizing the IT industry

With Decades Invested In Solutions

to current and future problems
you will face in the next ten years

Watch this video to learn the future of IT

EI is Revolutionizing the IT industry

With Decades Invested In Solutions

to current and future problems
you will face in the next ten years

Watch this video to learn the future of IT Enterprise Integration Partners with Axios
Beaver Street Fisheries selects Enterprise Integration for IT services Breaking Down the Anthem Data Breach

There is a storm coming.

Consumerization of IT Constant change BYOD

Growing complexity Security vulnerabilities

leaders are flying blind Seeking the truth
Watch this video to learn the future of IT

What you can’t see will hurt you.

Is your IT organization siloed?

Are your systems integrated?

Are you surrounded by a
culture of protectionism?
Get the truth through our C-Level Assessment

Brilliant people. Next Level Automation.

1,000 points of automation

worldwide leader in digital robotics technology

Not outside the box, crushing the box
Let your employees be brilliant, we will do the rest
Watch this video to learn the future of IT

SDI Simplify. Visualize. Humanize.

SDI optimizes your IT Supply chain using:

C-level Assessment


The C-level Assessment exposes gaps, vulnerabilities and opportunities for optimizing your IT Supply Chain,™ so you learn the truth about your existing risks and how they can be transformed to deliver the promise of IT.

top concerns facing your business


  • Is your company using technology to transform your business or are you just treading water and fighting fires?
  • Do you feel as though you know the true financial value and business contribution of your IT systems?
  • Do you have facts to back up your beliefs?
  • Are you ignoring important business differentiation as you attempt to standardize across the company?
  • Is IT adding value to your business bottom line or seen to be getting in the way

cto / cio

  • How can we build expertize in so many new technologies, when we barely stay current with the existing ones?
  • How do we retain key personnel, hire desperately needed new ones and still keep our operating costs under control?
  • Keeping the lights on has been a fulltime job for too long. How do I motivate my staff when they never can free up time to learn anything new, and still have the business asking for these new technologies?
  • Will my role be relevant with the Marketing function taking budget, and Cloud apps taking away complexity?
  • How does IT get out of the stranglehold it’s in, and win back the confidence of the business in its value


  • Are we investing in the right IT assets and maximizing their value?
  • How do we retain and attract the right technology talent to ensure we can keep the lights on and stay ahead of our competition?
  • Do we have any risks around software compliance and licensing?
  • How do we manage running costs and still address the increasing demands for capital to fund technology assets?
  • Are we safe from these viruses and Domain attacks we keep hearing about?


  • We know so little about the metrics of our business, but we cannot get a Big data project started when they struggle to keep the lights on.
  • IT is having a difficult time retiring Legacy systems and processes while my CEO is pushing to modernize for competitive advantage and growth in each BU.
  • Retention of Customers is tied to our ability to build customer loyalty, which is hard when we lack information on our customers need and motivation. How do we leverage social media better?
  • Our non-IT employees appear to be leveraging technology better than our own IT How is that possible?
  • Our IT operating costs keep rising, but my operations are still in the dark ages of IT
EI has the solution  Blue Arrow
C Level Tree

Managed Outsourcing

Changing IT demands in your business coupled with rapid technology shifts result in significant challenges for I.T trying to realign their operations with your strategic goals. EI’s Managed Outsourcing Services combine the symphony of our revolutionary tools along with the full complement of IT specializations and experiences to achieve Business and I.T alignment. We simplify the complex while satisfying the digital demands of your core business or lines of business. Most importantly, we work with you to form a flexible, transparent, and long term relationship that is mutually beneficial to both organizations.

From Endpoint to Data Centers,
EI provides full Operational Capabilities

  • Enterprise 24 X 7 multi-lingual Service Desk
  • All Operational Areas
  • Black OPS Enterprise Security
  • All Inclusive Automation, Innovation and integration tools
  • Including Holistic IT Supply Chain monitoring (SDI) and the Digital Robotics Engine (DRe)

Black OPS

Protect your most valuable assets

In today’s world your networks are being attacked hundreds of times per day. Barely a week goes by without some news of another data breach or cyber security threat and assault, but constant risk doesn’t have to mean constant worry. Defending your data from Cyberthreats with a Zero Trust Network and preventing your organization from multiple global threats and growing vulnerabilities is now more critical than ever. Our expert team is always staying ahead of the latest threats and attacks, read more about our innovative solution to the latest cryptolocker trojan.

EI customized security solutions

  • Reduce your risk
  • Minimize threats to your data
  • Monitor your environment
  • All Inclusive Automation, Innovation and integration tools
  • Provide proactive results, keeping your information and infrastructure safe and secure.


All clouds are not created equal

Years of experience serving as cloud integrator and consultant for our clients have not only made us experts in everything the cloud is, but also everything it isn’t – or at least everything it hasn’t been until now.

Recognizing critical gaps in common cloud solutions were leaving our customers frustrated and their needs unmet, Enterprise Integration set out to overcome these inadequacies and create our very own private cloud that strategically combines the on-demand, self-service convenience of the cloud plus the unmatched level of service, security and reliability synonymous with EI.

Powered by Citrix Cloud Platform™, Cloud+™ is best-of-breed, market-leading technology working in tandem to deliver the most powerful, fully redundant and fully secure private cloud solution. Delivered in an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) model, smaller nonprofit organizations and larger enterprise-level companies alike can now take advantage of this tier-one technology without the cost and hassle of procuring and maintaining hardware.

About Enterprise Integration

About Enterprise Integration

Enterprise Integration, headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, combines the industry’s best people, time-tested ITIL processes and innovative technology to deliver the promise of IT for your business. Founded in 1998, we have grown from an office of 20 to more than 200 employees. We deliver enterprise-wide, world class IT services and global support to clients worldwide, transforming IT operations. We provide consistent and efficient solutions that allow you to focus on your core competencies – a new approach to IT management.

Michael Locher

CEO and Founder Michael Locher

Michael E. Locher, an industry visionary and forward-thinker, founded EI in 1998 to provide world-class network and security operations with a proactive services foundation to deliver the promise of IT. He has led EI’s continued growth despite a slow economy, sustaining an average annual growth rate of 22.75% and a revenue increase of 280% from 2006 to 2011.

Our Team

The Industry’s best and brightest Our Team

Enterprise Integration was built on the principles of Raving Fan customer service and that approach is at the very foundation of everything we do. The quality of services clients receive is only as good as the quality of the people who provide those services. It is our people and their dedication that makes the difference and we have the best and brightest.

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