Raving Fan Customer Experience

To us, customer satisfaction is a cliché. Raving Fan customer service is a passion.

At Enterprise Integration, our culture is comprised of the artful combination of people, processes and technology that allows us to create what we affectionately refer to as Raving Fans – customers so blown away with the service we deliver they feel compelled to tell others.

What Raving Fans means to us:

  • We believe in and practice “crazy good and fanatical” customer service. 
  • Raving Fan +1 service is not just an event but a way of life. 
  • It is our passion to provide the ultimate customer experience.
  • We believe in delivering the promise of IT through Raving Fan customer service

To us, this is much more than a saying. It is foundational to who we are and it begins at our Service Desk where skilled technicians are always available to meet your needs. The enthusiasm spans across our entire organization of engineers, developers, architects, managers, directors and executives – all of us dedicated to transforming your customer experience.

Customer service is the foundation for who we are as a company.  We coach customer service, we train in customer service, we measure customer service.  Each day, with each customer, we try to find a better way and a more efficient process resulting in a greatly improved end user experience.

Core Principles of “Raving Fan” service:

  • Decide your vision for extraordinary customer service
  • Discover what your customers want
  • Finalize your vision and deliver plus 1%



Our staff has a combined 784 certifications in all areas of IT:

Microsoft VMWare Citrix NetApp Cisco Riverbed