Transforming Your Business

The Problem

The value of Information Technology is often misunderstood by the average user or executive. IT is viewed with polarity – either it’s the source for all good or the scapegoat for all that goes wrong. All components of IT have to work together seamlessly to provide an effective IT environment and achieve success.

IT Service Management is about process, but process alone cannot make an IT department successful. You need the combination of the right people and technology to back up the correct processes.

Often time, IT collects samples of data in disconnected silos; vaguely knowing how application servers and databases are doing, but typically failing to monitor for all the right data at all the right times. Without that meaningful data, painting the end-to-end transaction picture of a user’s experience becomes impossible or fuzzy, at best. Some organizations have the ability to see end user data, infrastructure performance data, or application availability data, but there is no discernable trace that flows steadily from end user to datacenter.

IT simulates transactions in hopes it will tell them how applications are performing, but it is not able to track all transactions on a constant basis. You cannot predict how your business is doing by tracking a few select pieces of the organization or focusing on a small aspect of the big picture.

The Solution

The problems of any IT department can seem complex and challenging to overcome, but the solution does not have to be daunting. The end-to-end view IT organizations have been missing is now available to get you back on track and it is complete with the fully correlated and visible data into the business transactions that will provide the foundation for reliable IT. Build upon that foundation with industry-leading innovators and best practice processes and your business is ready for an IT revolution.

The Transformation

When the talented and innovative people at Enterprise Integration combine ITSM best practices with the caliber of meaningful data made possible only through SDI™, it results in the fastest, most economical means of transforming your IT Operations.

A true metamorphosis cannot be achieved in one day or with a single project. Transformation happens through strategic partnerships with a managed outsource provider dedicated to delivering the promise of IT – a level obtainable only with Enterprise Integration.


Our staff has a combined 784 certifications in all areas of IT:

Microsoft VMWare Citrix NetApp Cisco Riverbed