QX Guardian

Gain complete visibility, optimize your performance and eliminate increasing WAN costs.

Quality of experience is the key to keeping end users satisfied, ensuring your applications are performing and keeping your customers happy. Simply put, it is the foundation of keeping your business moving forward. If end users are unsatisfied because applications are not performing or the network is moving slow, they will not be able to do their job effectively and ultimately, your customers suffer.

Enterprise Integration’s QX Guardian solution gives you full control, enabling you to optimize your network, and institute WAN governance for aligning and automatically managing WAN performance according to business objectives. Our proprietary tool provides real-time business needs and increases VPN profitability.

Benefits of QX Guardian:

  • Get full control and optimization over global network
  • Align your WAN performance with business objectives
  • Guarantee user experience
  • Accelerate applications
  • Reduce IT costs
Improve Response Times
Create virtual bandwidth and enable IT transformation with QX Guardian.

  • Expand the available network bandwidth.
  • Accelerate business applications over the WAN.
  • Enable IT transformations such as data center consolidation.
  • Improve performance of bandwidth-hungry applications.

Maximize Performance, Continuity and IT Savings

  • Guarantee unified application performance across MPLS and Internet networks.
  • Improve business communication continuity.
  • Exploit large Internet capacity at low cost
  • Turn back-up lines into business lines.

Reduce IT Costs

  • Postpone bandwidth upgrades by 2 to 4 years.
  • Reduce amount of data transferred over the WAN by 30% to 90%
  • Improve end user productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • Decrease network MTTR (mean time to recovery).
  • Save on major IT transformations like cloud computing.








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