Enterprise Monitoring

When it comes to IT, sometimes the best customer service is the service your users never have to receive.

Monitoring is critical to the delivery of effective IT management services that keep your IT infrastructure up and running. A proactive infrastructure and systems monitoring program allows you to detect and respond to critical availability and security issues before they become a problem.

At Enterprise Integration, we believe a comprehensive and well-managed infrastructure and systems monitoring program empowers your IT operations to be proactive and make better infrastructure planning decisions based on historical trending and detailed usage analysis. Our monitoring team collects and analyzes data on the health and availability of your environment before critical issues impact your business and bottom line.

From desktops to datacenters and all the hardware and software in between, our monitoring solutions provide detailed insight into every layer of your IT organization, physical or virtual. Our proven toolset and systematic approach includes both the instruments you need to begin monitoring your business quickly as well as the tools that will allow a deeper, more meaningful level of customized monitoring for your unique business.

Armed with that unparalleled breath and depth of information, our team with industry-spanning experience can identify opportunities for efficiency and optimization for even the most complex of environments. Those opportunities in turn can lead to tangible returns on investment and competitive advantages for your organization.

Benefits to monitoring your IT infrastructure:

  • Early warning of capacity or provisioning issues.
  • Overview of the impact on business, should there be a system failure.
  • Your focus can be on the businesses¬† strategic plans versus reacting to current issues.
  • Integrate monitoring into operations to identify potential problems or future capacity issues.

Our staff has a combined 784 certifications in all areas of IT:

Microsoft VMWare Citrix NetApp Cisco Riverbed