Security Assessment

Do you think your environment is safe? Or do you know it is?

The threat landscape has changed. Financially-motivated, targeted attacks are more prevalent than ever and their frequency is ever increasing; however, most companies’ security infrastructure hasn’t kept pace with that change. Without adequate protection, your network is vulnerable to the myriad of attacks, and your business can be the next to fall victim to compromised data, financial and operational losses, damage to your reputation and the inevitable embarrassment to your customers.

Enterprise Integration Security Assessments will help your business:

  • Mitigate security risk and comply with audit standards
  • Gain access to the expertise needed to identify and eliminate the vulnerabilities in your network, keeping your data safe and your network secure.
  • Draw on the experience of our Industry-leading security professionals armed with certifications including Certified Ethical Hackers, Licensed Penetration Testers, Payment Card Industry compliant and many more
  • Directly translate meaningful insights into your business’ critical infrastructure.

Benefits of a Security Assessment:

  • Helps ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information assets.
  • Reduces the risks created by regulatory non-compliance.
  • Mitigates risk by identifying vulnerabilities before they are exploited by malicious entities.

EI uses the same approach as unethical hackers to identify vulnerabilities in you organization before they do. Thinking like the faceless but all-too-real enemy, we perform internal and external penetration tests, application security assessments, as well as wireless security assessments.


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Our staff has a combined 784 certifications in all areas of IT:

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