Stop troubleshooting and start preventing downtime before it starts! Enterprise Integration’s proactive approach to IT management combines technical innovation with industry leading talent.  Through a unique set of tools, EI takes your complex data and turns it into meaningful data. Advanced data visualization enables our Service Desk to identify issues proactively.  Once identified, EI has developed automated systems that rapidly resolve your most common issues.


SDI Toolset

Our customized tools integrate with your current toolset and our processes to provide a visual, integrated dashboard to provide efficient, harmonized information to simplify your IT Operations.


Firewall Analysis 

Firewall Analyzer also allows EI to go beyond firewall supervision and into full enterprise network security management by identifying trends and proving detailed reporting to assist your IT organization


Active Directory 

When Active Directory is the center of your organization, keeping it aligned is paramount.



Device Configuration Management

With Device Configuration Manager, Enterprise Integration can automate these once manual tasks and manage your configurations with ease, all the while ensuring network availability and maintaining compliance.


Netflow Analyzer

EI provides a holistic view of your network and traffic patterns using Netflow Analyzer to provide a unified solution.



Event and Log Management

Enterprise Integration’s centralized Event Log Management tool, Event Log Analyzer, promotes the upmost efficient event and application log analysis, reducing system downtime, increasing network performance and strengthening security policies.







Our staff has a combined 784 certifications in all areas of IT:

Microsoft VMWare Citrix NetApp Cisco Riverbed