Active Directory Audit

When Active Directory is the center of your organization, keeping it aligned is paramount.

The primary authentication and authorization application for the majority of modern businesses, Active Directory is the hub of all organizational activities and compliance guidelines. With such an important role, not fully understanding its health is detrimental.

That is why Enterprise Integration offers access to AD Auditor, an enterprise-wide Active Directory change auditing software that automates the reporting and alerting that maximizes your ability to efficiently meet the most-needed security, audit and compliance demands set forth by regulatory and government bodies and get back to focusing on achieving your business goals.

  • View comprehensive reports on administrative changes and logon events in Active Directory
  • Use filter-based rules and configure AD Auditor to report and alert on specific change events on Active Directory objects
  • Quickly answers and report on the Who, What, Where and When of Active Directory changes
  • Receive custom alerting directly to your inbox
  • Get the complete history of changes on Active Directory and Group Policy objects
  • Archive change records for better forensic analysis
  • Organize your event log data to help meet security and compliance auditing needs
  • Audit logon and logoff activities in your server environment
  • Centrally track, audit and secure Windows File Server files, folder structures, shares and access permissions in real time
  • Audit Windows File Server Failover Clusters for a secure, downtime-free and compliant network environment

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