Firewall Analyzer

Hackers, breaches, intrusions, viruses, attacks – avoidable security nightmares that keep you up at night.

Enterprise Integration provides the tools needed to protect your environment from these very real, but very avoidable, security threats and let you sleep easy. Firewall Analyzer empowers our team of security experts and certified ethical hackers to monitor for intrusion detection, virus attacks, denial of service attacks, anomalous behaviors, suspicious employee web activities and web traffic analysis through visual interfaces.

Firewall Analyzer also allows EI to go beyond firewall supervision and into full enterprise network security management by identifying trends and proving detailed reporting to assist your IT organization with everything from intuitive capacity planning to meeting regulatory compliance requirements to delineating security compromises the business you serve.

  • Analyze incoming and outgoing traffic and bandwidth patterns
  • Identify top Web users and the websites they access
  • Project trends in user activity and network activity
  • Identify potential virus attacks and hack attempts
  • Determine bandwidth utilization by host, protocol and destination
  • Perform forensic analysis using raw logs search
  • Produce admin reports for complying regulations
  • Alert on firewalls generating specific log events
  • Administer the Alerts to track remediation
  • Optimize efficiency of firewall rules, and remove or modify them when needed
  • Determine the complete security posture of the enterprise

Our staff has a combined 784 certifications in all areas of IT:

Microsoft VMWare Citrix NetApp Cisco Riverbed