Simplify. Visualize. Humanize.

Service Delivery Intelligence™, or SDI™, is our symphony of skilled people, automated processes and intelligent tools harmonizing to create a simple, unified view of your entire IT supply chain. On one end lies your end users, the energy that fuels your business, and on the other end, your datacenter, be it physical, virtual or cloud. Spanning the spaces in between are hundreds or thousands of data-creating endpoints, network devices and applications. SDI, our proprietary toolset, connects and correlates your data into a humanized interface that brings client-centricity and customer experience to the forefront of IT Operations Management – where they have always belonged.

When the talented and innovative people at EI combine ITSM best practices with the caliber of meaningful data and automation made possible only through SDI, it results in the fastest, most economical means of IT Operational Transformation.

The individual components of EI’s SDI Toolset™ dovetail together, integrating with one another and other industry-leading tools to create a single, comprehensive intelligence engine that will help move your business forward.


SDI’s endpoint monitoring tool whose client resides undetected on workstations to capture application performance from the critical end user perspective


SDI’s automated and perpetual discovery tool that captures every corner of the network and systematically presents it for correlation and mapping

SDI’s tool that tests and monitors application performance in order to predict when an application is failing before it impacts end users or production


SDI’s reporting tool that transforms the thousands of data points across the IT supply chain into concise dashboards and reports that aid critical business decisions


SDI’s actionable knowledgebase that automatically distributes and enforces best practice methodologies, standard operating procedures and other key forms of documentation to EI’s service delivery engine

Our staff has a combined 784 certifications in all areas of IT:

Microsoft VMWare Citrix NetApp Cisco Riverbed