SC Discovery™ enables your IT organization to discover, document and track relationships by clearly mapping dependencies among the hundreds or thousands of components monitored via EP Experience™. With this fresh perspective on your IT supply chain and everything that feeds into it, SC Discovery helps ensure your business remains operational, effective, secure and compliant with internal standards and external regulations.

SC Discovery is the only solution to automate detailed configuration and change reporting for auditing and identifying configuration changes in virtually all operating systems, database management systems, applications and network devices. It deciphers the complexities within your IT supply chain to present the holistic view you need to take action.

IT environments have become increasingly more complex. With a single server containing thousands of configuration items, and the typical organization having hundreds or even thousands of servers, the number of configuration items to be tracked and managed can reach more than a million. Manual processes to identify and manage change are no longer scalable to match the demands on current IT departments, and now, thanks to SC Discovery, they are no longer necessary.

Transformational Capabilities

  • Visually map the crucial dependencies throughout your organization automatically
  • Eliminate configuration drift (settings that change over time until they are far from standard)
  • Understand the true business impact of changes and outages
  • Discovery, document, track and report on key relationships across your environment
  • Increase your ability to control availability, security, capacity and more
  • Reduce the risk of unauthorized change
  • Audit your entire environment for vulnerabilities before they impact your business

Our staff has a combined 784 certifications in all areas of IT:

Microsoft VMWare Citrix NetApp Cisco Riverbed