Named for the unobstructed view it gives into your applications, AP 360° is SDI’s proprietary tool that systematically tests and monitors application performance from multiple angles. It not only detects when an application has slowed or failed but predicts when it is failing before it results in costly impacts to your end users, production or bottom line.

AP 360° grants unparalleled visibility into your applications with a multifaceted monitoring approach that includes production systems and database profiling as well as synthetic transactions that act as mock users to systematically test, detect and report performance issues before real users are effected.

With dozens, maybe hundreds, of applications across your IT supply chain, managing their performance and understanding their impact is essential to completing any IT operational transformation.

Transformational Capabilities

  • Prevent issues before they impact your users or bottom line
  • Detect early warning signs of application performance problems and take preventive action
  • Eliminate thrashing between support teams by pinpointing where and how an application is failing
  • Identify historical performance trends of an application to detect and remediate degradation in user experience
  • Database profiling enables the isolation and reporting of queries that are candidates for optimization
  • Understand the relationship between applications and infrastructure components
  • Shorten time to resolution and root cause by isolating issues
  • Gain the powerful insight of application performance monitoring without the cost

Our staff has a combined 784 certifications in all areas of IT:

Microsoft VMWare Citrix NetApp Cisco Riverbed