EP Experience™ monitors real-time application performance and availability where it matters most – at the end point, user level. Recognizing your users are the energy that fuels your business, Enterprise Integration developed this tool to proactively monitor all the data points that come together to form their experience and perception of IT’s value.

A highly intelligent agent, EP Experience continuously and comprehensively monitors the end point performance and health of your organization, user by user. This breadth and depth of meaningful information empowers IT to make quick, yet highly informed, decisions on how to strategically maximize value at the end user level.

Transformational Capabilities

  • Understand the true business impact of outages and the value gained through mitigating them
  • Centralize your view of business-impacting events for expedited analysis
  • Quickly isolate problems by comparing impacted users to non-impacted users
  • Reconstruct errors without depending on or interrupting end users
  • Understand and optimize software utilization and compliance across your user base
  • Shorten time to resolution and root cause by gathering all the correct information
  • Understand the true impact of externally hosted applications
  • Understand and report on boot and login times
  • Monitor the windows active at the onset of a user’s issue
  • Understand your user base and how to empower them to create additional value


Our staff has a combined 784 certifications in all areas of IT:

Microsoft VMWare Citrix NetApp Cisco Riverbed